1969 – Born on 25 July in Lviv (Ukraine);
     1985 – 89 – Studying at the Lviv College of Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush
     1992 – Teaching Art and Drawing in a private school (Russia);
     1992-99 – Attending St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Repin; assigned to
     the studio of Y.M. Neprintsev (Russia);
     1995 – Reading lectures on Art in the College of Cardigan (United Kingdom);


1988 – Exhibition of students’ works, Lviv College of Applied Arts (Ukraine);
1993 – Exhibition of student’s summer works, St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (Russia);
1996 – Exhibition in Münich (Germany);
1997 – Award in the Competition of Student Drawings, St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (Russia);
1997 – “In the memory of the teacher” /Y.M. Neprintsev/;
1998 – Messe in Hannover (Germany);
1998 – Autumn Exhibition in the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg (Russia);
1998 – Art Salon in Moscow Manege, (Russia);
1998 – Exhibition of student’s summer works, St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (Russia);
1998 – Personal Exhibition in the Weeks of Ukrainian and Russian Art, Münich (Germany);
1999 – Exhibition of Academic Drawing, Moscow (Russia);
1999 – Autumn Exhibition in the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg (Russia);
1999 – Exhibition in Köln (Germany);
2001- GroupExhibition in Neuhauser Künstlerkreis Münich (Germany);
2002 – Exhibition of the Portrait, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia);
2002 – Exhibition of Russian Artists, Puebla del Rio City Hall, (Spain);
2002 – Exhibition of Russian Artists, Commercial Center of Seville (Spain);
2002 – Exhibition of Russian Artists, Penia Flor Palace, Esjia (Spain);
2003 – “Artist of St. Petersburg”, Chamber of Commerce, Seville (Spain);
2003 – Exhibition of Russian Artists, Osborne, Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain);
2003 – Exhibition of Russian Artists, Lugano (Switzerland);
2004 –January - Exhibition of Petersburg artists in Kadis  (Spain)
2004 -  September – Exhibition of Russian Artists in Osuna (Spain)
2004- Exhibition of Petersburg Artists Vienna Austria
2006 –-Stockholms Konstsalong  –Prise Kreatima
2008 –-Stockholms Konstsalong
2009 –-Stockholms Konstsalong 
2010- Stockholms Konstsalong 
2011- Stockholms Konstsalong 
2012-Gallery REGINA Turku Finland
2013- Gallery REGINA Turku Finland
2014 -Masters of drawing Russan Art Academy St Petersburg
2014-2015-Gallery KROONARTE Stockholm
2015-Personal Exhibition  "Tallinn Portrait gallery" Tallinn Estonia
2017- «I-Gallery», Paris, France
2018- «Winter Fantasy», Russian Cultural Centre in Helsinki, Finland «Momente», Foyer Hotel Centro, Braunschweig, Germany
2019-Salon ART CAPITAL Grand Palais Paris
2019- «Gallery Bernhardt», Fulda, Germany
2019-Exhibition in Galerie Kolorit Germany
2019 -Exhibition in galerie Morteveille Wienna
2020-Salon ART CAPITAL Grand Palais Paris PRICE MENTION



Drawing and Painting in Russian Art Academy, St. Petersburg; Tianjin Peoples Publishing House of Art, 1997 – 2000, (China);
Work are in the European art museum Frederiksvaerk Danemark
There are his paintings and drawings in the private collections in such countries as Finland,Germany,Sweden, the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Canada and, United Kingdom